Bokashi Bin

Collect your kitchen waste and recycle with Bokashi Green Bin. Almost all kitchen waste can be processed, including cooked and uncooked meat, fish, small bones, pastry, bread, dairy products, eggs, plate scrapings, fruit and vegetables, cooked leftovers, tea leaves and coffee grinds. Read more

Germination Kit for School Children

Jiffy Pellet mini greenhouse - Ideal for Successful seed starting.

The Pellet is the Pot and the "Potting Mix" at the same time. Just add water into the tray, instant "Potting mix" pellet already included. Ideal for seeds or cuttings. Planting complete with pellets will not disturb the fragile root system. Transplant directly into the garden, a pot or jiffy grow bag. Natural growth from the seed to the crop. Re -usable tray and lid for seed starting again. Clear Lid maintain humidity and warmth during germination